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"I’ve known Cynthia Hurt as an amazing photographer for a few years. She took some of the best photos of myself and Tris Imboden (drummer of the band Chicago) and we invited her to shoot the Chicago shows. It was above all expectations. Cynthia is one of the most gifted photographers I’ve ever known in my 45 year career in the music biz. It would be an honor to have her on any project and very lucky the person who hires her!"

Walfredo Reyes, Jr., Chicago, the band, Percussionist


Tris ImbodenTris Imboden

"In all my 40 years as a professional musician I have never seen another photographer so able to capture so artistically all the emotion, subtlety, nuance, and feeling of performing. She is a true artist and is the 'real deal'"

Tris Imboden, Chicago, the band, Drummer


“I saw Cindy’s work online and was so impressed with her skills as a concert photographer that I hired her to come out on the road with us to shoot some of our shows. She really has an eye for ‘the shot’ and her editing skills on the computer is what really sets her apart. We were not disappointed. I suspect you won’t be either. She’s better than just about anybody I’ve seen.”

Mike McQuire, Shenandoah, Drummer
"Cindy Hurt Photography created excellent editorial photos of our live concerts and delivered them in a timely news cycle."
Gail Parenteau, Parenteau Guidance, Press Public Relations, BOSTON
Jessie Burns, Gaelic StormJessie Burns, Gaelic Storm
"One of the things I looked forward to most after a big event was to look through the package of concert photos Cindy shot for us. She has a remarkable eye for capturing the energy of a concert and snapping that iconic moment you are glad you can now remember forever."
Joel Aalberts, Executive Director, Lensic Performing Arts Center, Sante Fe, NM
Denny Wayne Rudolph, Amber's DriveDenny Wayne Rudolph, Amber's Drive
Denny Wayne Rudolfe, THE LISTENING ROOM, Nashville, TN
Jason Scheff, bassist for ChicagoJason Scheff, bassist for Chicago
Jason Scheff, host, American Supergroup
James Pankow, ChicagoJames Pankow, Chicago
James Pankow, trombone, Chicago
James Shaw, MetricJames Shaw, Metric
James Shaw, guitar, Metric
Emily Haines, MetricEmily Haines, Metric Emily Haines, vocals, Metris
Tony Manard, ROCKHOUSE LIVE, Memphis, TN
Willie Nelson
Willie Nelson, Singer and Songwriter